Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first post - An introduction to the site

I met a woman at an Atlanta Press Club event last week and mentioned I was starting a blog.  Has she created a blog before?  "Honey," she replied, "ask how many of mine have died over the years, because the answer is the same and it's more than you can count on one hand."

I hope my first foray into blogging does not suffer the same fate.

My goals for this website are threefold:
  • To serve as my personal website.
  • To share information and wisdom on a variety of specially chosen topics.
  • To give value to my readers and contributors.

You should expect at least one post per week.

I am initiating the website with five focus areas:
  • Credo:  I will introduce my credo for living well -- LRN LAF LUV LIV, my shorthand of Learn, Laugh, Love, Live  -- and the tenets of this philosophy.  If the concepts resonate with you...live it.
  • Toolkit:  I will share proven tools, techniques, and frameworks I have used in my career and that are part of my consultant's toolkit.  If you find a gem (or two) in this toolkit you like...use it.
  • Ideas:  I will present ideas (business and personal).  If you are inspired by one of the ideas...run with it.
  • Knowledge:  I will compile information I find of interest.  If you find value in the information...leverage it.
  • Your input:  I will be asking for your help in certain topics that I am interested in.  Please...contribute to it and make it better.

I am officially kicking off this website on June 1 in honor of my Dad's birthday.

Happy reading!

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What a cool web site!

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My first post - An introduction to the site ~ DANIEL SKLAR