Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Applying Learnings to a New Vegetable Garden

In the spring of 2011 I planted my first vegetable garden.  The December posting (Ideas Seeded from My First Vegetable Garden) described the experience and listed some of the key observations from this first year of gardening.  I mentioned several goals for 2012, including planting at the proper time, seeking out advice from experienced gardeners, and improving the quality and taste of the vegetables.

Much has happened in the five months since that posting.  My fiancĂ© (now my wife) and I have taken the learning experiences to heart and have made our first major push into edible landscaping.  This posting presents:
  • The steps taken early this year to improve our food gardening.
  • New observations from the garden so far this year.
The progress and results are exciting to share, and I am hopeful it will inspire others to grow their own fruits and vegetables and move towards organic food gardening.

Applying Learnings to a New Vegetable Garden ~ DANIEL SKLAR