Sunday, May 29, 2011

LRN Technique: Going Deep for Knowledge (with Online Education)

The LRN (Learn) tenet in my philosophy is about improving as an individual and helping others grow. Some of the techniques introduced in earlier posts focused on breadth of knowledge, such as focusing on a topic for a month (Project of the Month) or by gaining exposure to new ideas (Breadth of Fresh Air).

Going Deep for Knowledge is about learning a subject beyond a surface-level exposure and the basics.  The traditional school-based courses generally focus on depth, whether in primary and secondary education to learn math, general science, and grammar, or in higher education with classes on subjects like astronomy and chemical engineering.

The internet offers new possibilities for going deep and learning a subject.  There are several excellent audio and video courses available online to you, and many of these are provided at no charge (free).  The opportunities for all of us to learn is only limited by our own willingness and time.

This post introduces you to Going Deep for Knowledge (specifically with online education) by:
  • Describing its purpose in a little more detail.
  • Providing a list and description of my favorite online education sites.
  • Suggesting tips for making this technique more successful for you.

LRN Technique: Going Deep for Knowledge (with Online Education) ~ DANIEL SKLAR